body transformation


Body Transformation program is coaching service that delivers 100% customised nutrition and training plan designed to help you reach your specific goals every 4 weeks. The program is for women who want to be coached to achieve health and best physical form for lifetime or ladies who want to compete in the Bikini category! During the program you  communicate with me your changes and the questions you have! I’m here for you.

My goal is for women to understand nutrition, not be afraid of any food and stop being influenced by marketing, to have properly designed strength training, cardio activities and understand better how female body works. I want you to be happy in your body, to love it and to know how to sustain it all your life.



Program takes into account your current state of the body, health, history of overcome diets, your current physical condition, progress in training and the goal you want to achieve.  Nutrition program include up to 16 meals, recipes if needed, variations of foods, your daily calories, macros.  I don’t provide vegan nutrition plans at this time. Training program include description of the exercise and videos. Regular checks are carried out by completing a questionnaire and, if necessary, by video call or e-mail.

You can get to the program by filling out a questionnaire. Based on the answer, a plan will be created and deliver to you within 4 working days. Through joint online consultations and filled questionnaires, we will check your progress and adjust the plan so that it achieves its goal. 


The cost for Personalised Body Transformation Programming is $258 renewed monthly until cancellation. The minimum cooperation time is 8 weeks in a row. Cancellation must be completed 7 days prior to your next billing date. No refunds will be offered for failure to cancel in a timely manner and your new personalised program will be delivered as scheduled. 

 To create a new nutrition and training program, it will always be necessary to fill in the control questionnaire form before next payment. After completing the questionnaire and successful renewal payment your new program will arrive within 4 working days.

Disclaimer: Personalised Body Transformation Programming is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care, diagnosis or treatment. Results with this program may vary. It is depend very much on your current body health, previous caloric intake and movement habits. Adhering to the program is essential for results.