Learn how to profit from your menstrual cycle!

,,This webinar blew my mind off, changed my attitude towards my body and helped me to understand my truly FEMALE SELF.’’ 


The Power Of Female Hormones helps women around the world in their daily lives and fitness.

How do female hormones affect our behaviour, feelings, mood, relationships, nutrition, movement, energy, body, work…

Why you should know your female hormones?

No one has ever explained to us how much the menstrual cycle will affect us in all spheres of our female lives. Big mistake! It’s time to change it!

  • Do you want to train and eat more effectively in accordance with female body?
  • Want to know when is the best time to reach your personal maximum in the gym?
  • When you can smash more work than in another days and be on top of executive?
  • Do you know how your body, emotions, behaviour, mood, change during your menstrual cycle?
  • Do you feel that your partner sometimes does not understand you?
  • How to make full use of the potential of your female body and maximise benefits?

Ladies said

„I highly recommend it to any ladies that want to understand themselves better and be aligned to themselves. Although you may already know few things about how much your hormones affect you, I can guarantee that you will learn a lot of new things through this webinar!”


„I love this topic. I first attended your workshop which was great and very fun. I love it! I wanted to repeat all the information once more and put it together in my head, so I also bought a webinar. I started tracking my menstrual cycle and learning to perceive my body. I think I already know when to expect worse days and when I feel strong in the gym. In addition, we watched the webinar with a partner, we laughed a lot and especially now he understands why I’m so mean to him sometimes. Ha-ha-ha. ” 


„So very pleased I purchased The Power of Female Hormones webinar. At the age of 42 I’ve finally learnt what I wish I knew about my menstrual cycle years ago! I believe this information should be taught to everyone in high schools and universities!! Barbara has compiled all the information in an understandable manner. All females should watch this!!! Fantastic work Barbora.” 

Fit Fi

„Barb, thanks to you, I feel much more feminine in my body! I never thought about my body like that. The webinar helped me understand my body a lot and I stopped feeling bad that my training in the gym was not perfect and that my diet was also on 50%. I completely adjusted my training method. I often struggled with my emotions and now I know it was stupid…What you create is amazing! Really recommend this!” 


How do female hormones affect our behaviour, feelings, mood, relationships, nutrition, movement, energy, body, work…


What you will learn
in webinar ?

,,Knowledge that will change your view of felminity.’’  The menstrual cycle is a natural pattern of how we behave and feel, changing our metabolism and energy, motivation and our whole life.
  • The regular period is not the only part of the menstrual cycle. Other days during the cycle, we and our body change. And very much!
  • Optimize your cycle so that you use it to your advantage and not fight it against each other.
  • We naturally excel in certain activities regularly at the same time and others annoy us. Find it out!
  • Answer the questions, why are you sometimes motivated to exercise and sometimes not, why do you sometimes overeat and sometimes don’t feel hungry, why do you lose motivation, why do you not want to spend time with anyone?
  • Why are we so changeable?

What does it really mean to live in a woman's body?

„Lot of practical information that will change your view of a woman’s body. You will draw from it and use it all your life!“

Meet Barbora

Women’s fitness coach and IFBB Bikini Athlete

Founder of WholeLifeFit and creator of project The Power Of Female Hormones.  

I once started studying as a personal trainer and fitness nutritionist and have never stopped. Since then, I have obtained more than 20 certifications in fitness industry and I certainly don’t have enough so keep constantly learning. 🙂

Thanks to travel, I have the opportunity to train women from all over the world and help them build Bikini shape with perfect butt and encourage those who want to shine on stage and grab their first medals. Me as a Bikini Athlete I have won five medals so far in the IFBB Federation. 

I create a community of women who love heavy strength training, want to reach their personal maxims, nourish body and mind and understand their female body. 

I founded The Power Of Female Hormones project, which began with a small description of how female hormones and menstrual cycle affect female fitness and whole our life, until a written book began to develop from this, after workshops, a webinar and more to come. 

We women are very changeable and the sooner we understand how female hormones affect us on a daily basis, the sooner we open the gate to matching our fitness, maximizing success and more satisfied life. Find it out now! 



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